Collecting second hand chairs is definitely an addiction I have. I generally don’t go out looking for them as I have more than enough ‘projects’ stacked (piled!) in my store but quite often I go somewhere and there is a piece that I just have to have and it’s generally due to the shape.  With this one it was the shape of the back that got me.

I found this little beauty at the LORI shop, a fantastic reuse initiative funded by the GRAB Trust. They do fantastic work preventing all sorts of items going to landfill and enabling people to buy quality stuff at great prices. Please have a look at their Facebook page

It was about 5 years ago that I bought this and it has been my sons’ favourite gaming chair whilst I was waiting for the right fabric to come along. I found the denim when shopping in a fabric remnant wharehouse with my mum – our most favourite type of shopping. The fabric for the buttons was in my stash, pretty sure it was a charity shop find. 

As ever, I thought it would be ‘a simple recover’ but once I started taking the yellowing varnish off and discovered the lovely colour of the wood I spent ages sanding it to be as beautifully smooth as possible, then highlighted it with a pigmented wax. I also replaced all the original presser studs with new Parker Knoll ones.