can work wonders. I don’t often pass up anything that comes my way and it’s really nice when someone shows you something they think is beyond saving and they believe you when you say you can bring it back to life. With chairs and sofas, as long as the frame is relatively sound (and even then replacing parts is always an option) the rest can be re-instated. Ideally as per the original but if that’s not possible there are different materials and techniques that can be used to get an item back to full working order and looking great.

This great little rocking chair had been in my client’s family for generations but latterly just sitting in a shed, where a mouse had made it a home. There had been many attempts to fix the springs with everything from 4 inch nails to cable ties being used to try and support the seat. My client told me how she remembered her Grandfather sitting in it with all the grandchildren sitting at his feet whilst he told stories. For those sentimental reasons and because it was just too good to dump she asked if I could re-do it for her. Of course I accepted the challenge.

A bit of research determined it was an old Clintique chair, which accounted for the unique spring system. Clintique still make furniture but no longer that particular spring system. I was unable to locate a second hand replacement, so opted for new Parker Knoll ones instead which meant having to fit two new wooden rails, but I was delighted with the result and so was the client.

She had asked for a grey tweed like material and I manage to source a roll end of contract material which helped her to keep within budget.  I delivered it just before Christmas, so hopefully it has since been used by her grandchildren.