It’s great to collaborate and luckily for me I don’t have to look very far to be able to work with with an inspiring designer. My mum, Karen Beauchamp was Creative Director at Cole & Son for a decade and responsible for a plethera of iconic trail blazing designs, many of which I see being re-vamped today. She was doing statement walls when everyone else was still rag-rolling!

We found these chairs about 3 years ago looking drab in our local second hand shop and had to buy them because we knew with the right fabric they could look amazing. Having tried a combination of nearly all the fabrics we jointly possess in our respective cupboards and buying fabrics from various outlets nothing was really singing to us. Then out of the blue Mum mentioned Memphis Style and we knew that, using bold clashing colours with the unusual shapes of the chairs, it would look amazing.

It required skilful blending of the bold colours for the overall effect to work and amazingly Mum found exactly the colour palette she was looking for at our very own local fabric mill on the Isle of Bute. Bute fabrics have been producing professional upholstery fabrics for over 70 years. I love their wide variety of colours and textures and they are a joy to work with. A black and white stripe from Clarke & Clarke was all that was needed to bring the whole look together.

Small changes to the style of the facings on the arms, the bold colours, contrasting piping and the inspired inclusion of an oversized button mean these chairs have been transformed in to fantastic statement pieces.